current projects.

5 acts of nature

5 acts of nature aims to realise an interdisciplinary body of work shifting between fragility & awe in a surreal exploration of weather. Like a computer game, various states and worlds are manouvered through led by 5 characters…rain-in-love, troll’s heart, wet feet, immortal jellyfish and waterworld rising.

A sketching of ideas began in 2016, with a heavy pour of rain on the Isle of Wight blurring sea and sky…my first meeting with rain-in-love. Her route to meeting you, along with the other characters, will be varied and shifting, reflective of their place within weather’s responsive and impacting rhythms.

This current phase of development explores the nature of digital space and notions of reality, imagination, memory, interiors and the microscopic within wider systems, and is currently available here.

This phase of development has also been supported by Arts Council Project funding, Wysing Arts Centre and Cambridge Junction.